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Get quality leads while focusing on your business priorities

We will feed your sales team by fishing for qualified leads through powerful and effective sales funnels.

Because everyone deserves to achieve their sales targets!

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We design multichannel lead generation systems

Meet “Anzuelo”, our methodology based on 2 systems that can run simultaneously, generating dozens of weekly meetings to feed your sales team.

Cold Lead Generation ❄️

  • We find the perfect prospects
  • We seduce them with your offer
  • Our SDR team schedules the meetings
  • Your sales experts close the deal
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Hot Lead Generation 🔥

  • We make sure your website transforms visits into leads
  • We rank you in search engines
  • We build attractive lead magnets
  • We set up automated email marketing sequences

Lead Fishers, your sales team's best friend

We have the team, the expertise and the motivation to meet your objectives. What more could you ask for?

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The lead generation agency your sales team needs

We are the #1 lead generation agency in Latin America and a strategic ally of your sales team. In less than 1 month, we promise to become a key part of your sales department. Lead Fishers takes care of everything: from the identification of potential prospects, to lead generation and meeting coordination.

With LeadFishers, your sales reps will receive leads along with their morning coffee!

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A small investment for big business opportunities

Every business relationship starts with the first contact. At LeadFishers, that is our area of expertise: putting you on the table with decision makers by designing and delivering high-impact messages.

Global Task

Lead Generation for a Nearshore Staff Augmentation Company offering services in Mexico and the United States.

Meetings Scheduled Per Month
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Lead Generation for a cryptocurrency payment management software for online stores.

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Constantly testing new Lead Generation practices in our agency.

Meetings Scheduled Per Month

It's time to boost your sales 📬​

It’s time to step on the gas and start exploding your company’s sales. We have the team, the knowledge, the tools and everything you need to get your lead generation strategy off the ground for a totally profitable price. Don’t wait any longer and reach your sales goals with LeadFishers. 

We answer your questions about lead generation

Lead generation is the process of attracting potential customers to your business and increasing their interest through nurturing, all with the ultimate goal of converting them into customers.

Some ways to generate leads are cold emailing, blog posts, SEO, Ebooks, Webinars, High Value Content and much more.

Our sales generation system is based on 2 systems. 

❄️ Cold Lead Generation: This cold lead generation system allows us to be generating meetings in less than 2 weeks. We use the power of LinkedIn and email marketing to build a multi-channel prospecting machine. Through fun and seductive ultra-personalized messages, our dedicated SDR team will take care of scheduling meetings for your sales team. 

🔥 Hot Lead Generation: With this system, we will take care of creating attractive lead magnets to ensure that prospects come looking for you. We will make sure they find you when they search for you on search engines. We will create compelling content for your targets in exchange for their contact and create email sequences to make sure we qualify them.

These 2 systems can run simultaneously and ensure you get dozens of leads per week.  

There are several reasons why working with our lead generation agency is important:

  1. A multidisciplinary team: we have email marketing teams, SEO experts, advertising, developers…. Everything you need to generate leads from all relevant marketing channels.
  2. We are experts and innovators: We test lead generation campaigns with many clients from different industries, and we know what works best.
  3. We work together: You explain us your product, its advantages for each target and we take care of the rest. Focus your sales team on closing the leads we serve them for breakfast.
  4. High profitability: A lead generation agency is cheaper than hiring SDR internally (salary, recruitment costs, training, learning…). With our lead generation agency, forget about that and pay for the leads you get.


Don’t wait any longer and hire our lead generation agency now. 

The value of your lead generation strategy will depend on the tools you need, the channels you want to work with and the aggressiveness with which you run your campaigns. 

If you have low sales goals, a lead generation campaign starts at $500 per month. 
If your sales objectives are high, you may need several accounts running campaigns, so the value can go up to $1,000 or $1,500 dollars per month.
If your goals are ultra-aggressive, the value of your B2B marketing strategy can rise from $1500 to $4000 or more. Especially when you need to create content, advertising campaigns, etc….

Remember that what you invest will be proportional to what you can recover with a sale. In our experience, every dollar invested in an effective lead generation campaign generates between 5 to 10 dollars (ROI x10). 

After 2 weeks of campaigns, you should already be receiving your first sales meetings with our cold lead generation system.

However, keep in mind that the results of our lead generation strategy will increase over time. By having a better knowledge of your audience and your service or product, we will be able to fine tune the messages and segment the audience much better. 

After 2 months of working together, we will be obtaining excellent results.