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In 2020, Evelin Herrera and Lucio Laria, along with other partners, co-founded Black Beaver, a software development agency in the U.S.A & LATAM. 

In charge of the sales department, Evelin and Lucio struck gold: a lead generation system that generated about 40 qualified meetings per month, opening the door to a new world of business opportunities. 

After the success of this system, Evelin and Lucio see an extraordinary opportunity: to bring this Lead Generation system to the best B2B companies in the American & International market. Thus, in 2022, Lead Fishers is born!

A Unique Service In the World

Speed, quality and cost-effectiveness: we are that rare pearl that can provide you with what your company needs.


The only company in the U.S capable of providing such an efficient service.


100% lead generation specialists for B2B companies


In 2 weeks, you will be running lead generation campaigns.


You pay for the results you get. Guaranteed profitability.

Would you like to join the team?

To accompany our growth, we are looking for new people to join our lead generation team.

We are looking for people who are curious, motivated and eager to learn how to master lead generation practices.

In return, we offer the best working environment, fast growth opportunities and unmatched quality training. We are 100% remote, offer unlimited vacation time and payment is in U.S dollars.

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Our values

We automate as many repetitive tasks as we can in order to maximize our time on the tasks where we really add value.

Every member of our team is full of knowledge. At Lead Fishers, we spread our wisdom both within the team and externally. 

Before you ask, Google it!

We document everything: wins, fails, best practices, campaign templates… Lead Fishers is a library of information in terms of lead generation. Each collaborator is in charge of transferring his or her knowledge and nourishing our internal library of Use Cases.

We seek to build relationships with our customers. If the service does not match or profitability is not evident, the customer is told. We prefer a good relationship and a happy customer over a check. 

We are constantly looking to improve our service. Technology evolves very fast and we must adapt our offer to the latest technological advances in terms of lead generation. 

The Directors

Evelin Herrera - Lead Fishers

Evelin Herrera

Co-Founder & Head of Sales

Need our lead generation services? She is the person to talk to. She will answer your questions with a big smile and an energetic attitude.

Lucio Laria

Lucio Laria

Co-Founder & Head of Production

Lucio is in charge of making sure that client goals and expectations are met. As soon as you start working with us, you will meet this curious character!

Manuel Arteaga

Lead Generation Team Leader

Manu is in charge of managing the Lead Generation Specialist. He will be in charge of onboarding you, creating your campaigns and making sure to schedule lots of meetings!

¿Any questions 📬

If you need more information about our agency, do not hesitate to contact us!

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